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A loud noise unexpectedly occurs next to your ear. become more focused on other people's thoughts and feelings. This best illustrates what teaching strategy? Comment Sports de raquette. A facility that is very stable and has certified child care professionals. What teaching approach is that? 30 seconds . A person creates knowledge through an interaction between the background they bring to a situation and the social exchanges within that context. A common distinction between cues versus prompts is ____. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 lessons in math, few displays of social skills and cooperation. Lieux des installations sportives. Every three times a student earns an A on his homework assignment, Ms. Gonzales does not require the student to turn in the fourth assignment. L'évaluation en EPS. Which is the earliest stage at which this becomes possible? Having high self-esteem regarding one's ethnic group. Elijah, age 4, always protests at the dinner table when his mother gives his sister Tabitha juice in a taller glass than his, saying, "Why does she get more juice?!" Which of the following statements about algorithms and heuristics is INCORRECT? experience the feelings of another person. it is most accurate to say that the key characteristic that designates members of a minority group is that they ___________. Which of the following is the best strategy for how teachers can help advance the moral development of their students? Pourquoi The problem is that this child has _____. adults and learners co-constructing knowledge. Research has shown that African-American parents attend less school functions than ______ parents? Practice. This quiz is incomplete! The two types of constructivism are often defined as _____. Activités Athlétiques. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Requiring each student to volunteer two hours per week at the local nursing home. When some of her students from lower-income families score well on a standardized reading achievement test, Mrs. Abel interprets their performance as due to luck because "poor students will be poor readers." an advanced class. Transition to middle school has a more detrimental effect on self-esteem for girls compared to boys. Resolving an issue by piecing together various pieces of information. What characteristic of theory of mind has Dominique not completely developed? Les activités enseignées. Jackie takes ballet lessons. control of one's own cognitions, beliefs, and emotions. The most important variable that drives scaffolding is the _____. Mr. Smith lived in a two-parent home during the great depression era. t is most true that students with close friendships tend to have _____. The negative impact far outweighs the potential effectiveness, so it should never be used. Cette application est idéale pour apporter des connaissances de façon ludique à vos élèves, This application is ideal for providing knowledge in a fun way for your students, Cookies help us deliver our services. All of the following are major elements of emotional competence, except emotional ______. This scenario best illustrates which of the following? Delete Quiz. Unlike other theorists, Eisenberg's theory of prosocial moral reasoning focuses on _____. Which of the following is an example of quasi-experimental design commonly used in research? 4. Which is NOT a suggestion for improving social skills training? more for the items not easy or difficult but just out of grasp. by verogodin4_97005. Sex refers to biology, while gender is a social definition. Mr. Schmidt gives gold stars to his students when they behave in an appropriate manner. ce qu’un dégagé haut ? ... money you earn that you don't have to pay back to go to college. Mr. Peterson is not sure why Avery has been having a hard time in his chemistry class. This is best described as an example of _______ knowledge. process of acquiring more cognitive responsibility for a task. Solo Practice. The main difference in the nature of moral reasoning between the two stages of Piaget's theory is best described as _____. The intellectual challenge involved in rigorous Latin and geometry courses is thought to strengthen student minds when studying other subjects. Which best illustrates a self-fulfilling prophecy? Which of the following characteristics should Ms. Kacey look for to ensure she chose a quality care facility? One key aspect of Gilligan's perspective, as contrasts with Kohlberg's, might best be labeled _____. One day he tried to clean the table but accidentally broke the vase on that table. Which of the following examples best illustrates deep processing? Which is the most accurate statement in terms of sex and gender? It is often found to be an ineffective and sometimes counterproductive approach to teaching. Assume that a well-designed correlational research study shows a very strong relationship between how much children recreationally read at home and grades. Yolanda takes a geometry class. The triadic reciprocal determinism model of causality. A baby is born to Chinese parents in Asia and then adopted and raised by a white, middle-class family living in the rural Midwest. Mr. Griffin assigns a problem on calculating the square feet of the classroom (the measurements of the sides are given). She has decided to look for a child care facility to put her child in. Transfer involving problem solving and analogies is rare because of a lack of ______. Induction, nurturance, demandingness, and modeling are best described as _____. Les professeurs d'EPS. EPS - Quizz Escalade : Continuité Pédagogique Bonjour à tous ! preview, question, read, reflect, recite, and review. Encourage comparison among students to make them aware what they are good at and what they might not be good at. Assimilation means that in response to new experiences, a learner _____. Mr. Jackson tells his students to teach new concepts to their family at home to help facilitate memory of new information. Range vite ta chambre et mets tes baskets, te voici sur le site de l'EPS à la maison du collège de l'Isle! Which is the best example of an unconditioned stimulus? sont les intérêts de pratiquer le badminton au collège (3 lignes Juggling tennis balls is too hard for the children, so Mr Barnes has them practice juggling balloons at first. Jillian is a high school student. A phone number somebody just told you is repeated over and over until you remember it. A child can form mental representations that accurately reflect possible actions in the physical world, and can manipulate those representations using two-way thinking, which is logical and systematic. Soyez prêt... Pour débuter notre continuité pédagogique en EPS, on vous propose un Quizz sur : Pour ça rien de compliqué !

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