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Die zweite Moschee wurde bis 1896 auf Basis der alten Pläne wieder errichtet, war jedoch bescheidener gebaut. The mosque is located in the city of Djenné, Mali, on the flood plain of the Bani River. Treppen- und Seitenturm sind niedriger mit 13 beziehungsweise 17,5 Metern Höhe. Ismaila Traoré, der Vorsitzende der Maurergilde, leitete und überwachte den Bau. Das Fest beginnt mit einem Wettrennen unter den Männern, die den Lehmverputz von den Gruben zur Moschee bringen. As well as being the centre of the … Lokaler Name Grande Mosquée de Djenné Lage Mopti Region, Mali Tags Sunnitisch • Muslimisch • Anbetungsstätte • Moschee • UNESCO • Erbe Download Download Mehr erfahren Mosquée Missiri, Fréjus.… @ Greudin Mehr Informationen und Kontakt. Die Qibla wird durch drei große Minarette und achtzehn kleine Kuppeln überragt. It is abandoned to thousands of swallows, which build their nests in it. Soon after, the French journalist Félix Dubois visited the town and described the ruins of the original mosque. The small, irregularly-positioned windows on the north and south walls allow little natural light to reach the interior of the hall. The larger tomb to the south contains the remains of Almany Ismaïla, an important imam of the 18th century. When adding more than one criteria, choose AND/OR logic to apply, Pick the search criteria, choose the logic to apply, and enter a search value in the empty box, When using both AND/OR, user groups to indicate which logic applies to which terms, This site is adjusted only for landscape mode. Die Große Moschee von Djenné war im Mittelalter eines der wichtigsten islamischen Zentren. The toron also serve as readymade scaffolding for the annual repairs. Local name Grande Mosquée de Djenné Location Mopti Region, Mali Tags Sunni • Muslim • Place of Worship • Mosque • UNESCO • Heritage Download Download See more Mosquée Missiri, Fréjus.… @ Greudin More information and contact. In earlier times, a crier would repeat the words of the imam to people in the town. The local police were overwhelmed and had to call in reinforcements from Mopti. [31] The Aga Khan Trust for Culture funded the rebuilding of the tower.[32]. Typing a term in the Research bar performs an anywhere search. In 1930, an inexact replica of the Djenné Mosque was built in the town of Fréjus in southern France. [18][19], The prayer wall or qibla of the Great Mosque faces east towards Mecca and overlooks the city marketplace. The main entrance is on the northern side of the building. [5] Between 1834 and 1836, Seku Amadu built a new mosque to the east of the existing mosque on the site of the former palace. Die Freitagsmoschee von Djenné ist im Stile des Frühislams eine Hof-Moschee mit Galerie. [17], The mosque is built on a platform measuring about 75 m × 75 m (246 ft × 246 ft) that is raised by 3 metres (9.8 feet) above the level of the marketplace. He built another palace for himself and his household near the mosque on the east side. [3], There is no other written information on the Great Mosque until the French explorer René Caillié visited Djenné in 1828 years after it had been allowed to fall into ruin, and wrote "In Jenné is a mosque built of earth, surmounted by two massive but not high towers; it is rudely constructed, though very large. [22] This design creates a forest of ninety massive rectangular pillars that span the interior prayer hall and severely reduce the field of view. [1], Dubois revisited Djenné in 1910 and was shocked by the new building. Grande Mosquée de Djenné. Seit 1996 auf dem Dach und im Gebetsraum Modeaufnahmen für die französische Ausgabe des amerikanischen Magazin Vogue gemacht wurden, dürfen Nichtmuslime die Moschee nun nicht mehr betreten. Wenn sich die Hitze in der Gebetshalle staut, werden die mit Keramikziegeln abgedeckten Lüftungsschlitze (mehr als 100) im Dach geöffnet. Über die Wände herausragende Keramikrohre sorgen dafür, dass das Regenwasser nicht die Wände herabläuft, was für einen Lehmbau fatal wäre. [30], On Thursday 5 November 2009, the upper section of the southern large tower of the qibla wall collapsed after 75 mm (3 in.) He thought that the cones made the building resemble a baroque temple dedicated to the god of suppositories. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 25. The corners are formed by rectangular shaped buttresses decorated with toron and topped by pinnacles. Der Bau der ersten Moschee von Djenné lässt sich auf die Zeit zwischen 1180 und 1330 eingrenzen. Electrical wiring and indoor plumbing have been added to many mosques in Mali. The Tarikh states that a Sultan Kunburu became a Muslim and had his palace pulled down and the site turned into a mosque. The entire community of Djenné takes an active role in the mosque's maintenance via a unique annual festival.

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